PostPartum Consultation

Best for new moms who are looking to get questions answered, want to learn what to look out for during the initial recovery period and what’s normal/what’s not, want to get basic strategies on how to properly heal and reconnect to their bodies, or who want to start a few things right now but aren’t ready to take on a postpartum rehab program.  Consists of one 90 minute session with directions for management going forward.  The postpartum checkout also serves as a screening to make you aware of things to work on or that may pop up as needing to be addressed in the future.  You will receive specific action steps and video reminders of concepts and exercises we discuss.  See separate tab entitled "PostPartum Consultation" for more details.

Core Foundational Series

 This is the most effective and efficient choice for women who want guidance in in building up a strong foundation and optimal muscle patterning to restore strength, stability, and function in their bodies.  It is wonderful for women in the postpartum period, but is also a key component for any woman who may be struggling with pain, injury, or illness affecting their connection to their core, or who just want to be stronger and more stable in their bodies.  Discover your movement and strength blind spots, discover the power of your body, and discover a deeper connection to your inner core.  Consists of one 90-minute evaluation session and three 60-minute sessions.  Every BODY is different so what is unique about this program is that you have my guidance and the program is tailored just to you.  The concepts educate you into optimal healing and set the foundation for activity and enhance performance, whether you are performing in exercise, sport, or day-to-day life.  The sessions consist of manual therapy and movement.  Because it includes an assessment and is designed for you, it maximizes your time and effectiveness rather than going through a generalized group program or an online program.  At the completion of the series, I will help you determine the best path for you to continue to improve your strength and stability.

Physical Therapy Sessions

Best for any woman who is experiencing pain, dysfunction, instability, or impaired activity.  The evaluation (75-90 minutes) includes a thorough assessment, specific plan of care, manual therapy, and a zoning-in on recovery from a particular issue.  You will be educated about my findings and how they relate to what you are experiencing, you will learn strategies that you can perform on your own, and we will create a plan going forward.  At follow-up visits (60 minutes), you can expect treatments that address your pain or impairments that we found during the initial evaluation and that lead us towards your personalized goals. This will include some form of restorative exercise, manual therapy (hands-on treatment), corrective movements, and strategies for self-treatment.

Semi-Independent Program

This program is designed to give my clients a plan for independent mobility and strengthening, and to provide accountability.  You must have gone through at least 4 one-on-one sessions with me (the post-partum series or regular sessions) to get a good understanding of the concepts used and what the goals of each exercise are.  The program is individualized to you based on the restrictions, strength deficits, or impairments we found during our direct work together.  I will create videos based on education and exercise and send them to you piece by piece on a weekly basis to build toward your goals and progress your work (plan on about 20-40 minutes of video/week).  We will also have a weekly check-in call or email (whichever is best for you) to discuss questions, progress, and any concern you may have and I will adjust your program accordingly.  This is not a “one size fits all” type of program.  Every BODY is different and this program is individualized to you and progressed at your pace, but done through videos and phone calls instead of face-to-face sessions.  This personal care is what makes it different from a general online program and therefore maximizes it’s effectiveness for you.  However, it is different than hands-on instruction, and you are in charge of the way your body feels.  It is important that you communicate any questions, concerns, ah-ha moments, or “off” feelings in your body and stop an exercise that does not feel right.