What makes me different


I make physical therapy convenient to you by practicing in a quiet, private clinic space in my home, or by bringing the care to your home.  No waiting, no seeing assistants, no need to find that babysitter or reschedule work.  I offer treatments that work into life. 


Being able to provide my full professional attention to someone for the entirety of our appointment enables me to take a "whole body" approach and be able to address women as their "whole selves”.  This allows us to get to the root of the problem and really empowers my clients into a better understanding of their body.  I have found that direct, one-on-one individualized sessions can improve outcomes and mean fewer visits are needed.


On of the main goals of my practice is to build a strong network in the community to better serve women and support them into optimal health and function.

I believe in an integrative model of treatment and that there may be many pieces to the puzzle of recovery.  We can address these things together and find the best path and what other professionals or activities are beneficial. I will refer you to an appropriate specialist or healthcare provider for anything that is out of my scope of practice.