Brenda Beckmann Gajowski

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Helping postpartum women, and moms at any stage, return to the activities they love without pain, leaking, or instability.

Feel Confident and In Control of Your Body and Health

Pelvic Health • Orthopedics and Sports

South Charlotte and Matthews

Welcome!  I am Dr. Brenda - a physical therapist, mother of 3, lover of movement, and a health advocate.  I love working with moms in their postpartum journey - a time in a woman's life when full healing and re-connection to her body is so important to prevent pain and dysfunction in the future!


To the moms who are juggling many things, including health, and just want to feel better, be stronger, and stay in the activities you love: I've got you!


  • Gain a deeper re-connection with your body to return to the activities you love with more strength and power and without pain, leaking, or abdominal separation

  • Find the root cause of your symptoms

  • Practical solutions that easily work into a busy mom's life and gives you the power over your own health 

  • Private space to more easily bring your little ones if needed


No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, you deserve to feel good in your body and to be able to do what you love in a pain-free, leak-free, and strong way!  It's NEVER too late!


Feel better, live better, and thrive in your life!

   – Dr. Brenda

What Makes My Practice Unique?


Being able to provide my full professional attention to someone for the entirety of our appointment enables me to be able to address women as their "whole selves”.  This allows us to get to the root of the problem and can improve outcomes in fewer visits.


I have built a strong network in the community to better serve women and support them into optimal health and function.  This enables me to offer workshops, to have an integrative model of treatment with different healthcare providers, and to teach women to be proactive in their own health and wellness.  


I keep my practice small to enable you to have access to me through phone, text, and email and to keep us connected between our treatment sessions.

Postpartum Health and Function
Orthopedics and Sports
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