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PostPartum Assessment

New (and not-so-new!) moms often have so many questions:


  • Is my core and pelvic floor functioning properly? 

  • What can be done for my pain and/or feelings of instability? 

  • Is it normal to leak a little when I jump or sneeze?

  •  Will my belly get flat again?

  •  Do I have diastasis recti/abdominal muscle separation? 

  • How can I help myself fully heal and recover after having a baby?

  • What exercises are safe and effective?

  • What is considered "normal" and what is not?

  • What do I do about my pelvic floor and/or c-section scar

  • How should I be holding and carrying my baby to improve the connection with my inner core?


Get support, ask your questions, and learn how to set your body up for success in postpartum healing and returning to activity and exercise. This consultation will give you the foundation to thrive and get you started back into function and strength.  It is appropriate for moms who are at least 8 weeks postpartum and have been cleared for exercise, but is also helpful at whatever point a mom has questions, is struggling, or is ready to get back into activity.  In my professional opinion, the "early postpartum" period is from birth to 5 years, but "postpartum is forever" and it is never too late - women have made changes in their body, improved their symptoms, and improved their function when their "babies" are adults! 


What to expect:

  • Head-to-toe alignment assessment

  • Core control assessment

  • Abdominal check and screening for diastasis recti

  • Pelvic floor education

  • Principles for optimal postpartum healing

  • Body mechanics training for new moms (lifting baby, breast feeding position, etc)

  • Musculoskeletal screen

  • Appropriate exercise prescription with video reminders

  • C-section scar massage and abdominal care

  • Hands-on treatment for core/pelvis re-balancing or symptom relief

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