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I am a doctor of physical therapy and have 15+ years of experience in orthopedics, sports therapy, and perinatal health.  I am a mom who loves working with moms.  I love to take a holistic, whole body approach and come at recovery, strength, function, and thriving in life from multiple angles.  My mission is to make an impact on the world by guiding and inspiring others into more vibrant health and a deeper understanding of their body's capabilities and healing power. 


My special passion of working with women in the postpartum period, and throughout the journey of motherhood, began when I had my third baby in 2015 and wound up with diastasis recti (split of the abdominal muscles).  My experience showed me the gap of support and education the traditional model gives to women during the amazing, and often chaotic, transition through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  A time in a woman's life when learning alignment, muscle control, stability, and optimal healing principles are so important to prevent pain and dysfunction in the future!  I want to be a part of changing the way we look at postpartum health and the return to activity, sports, and life. 


I understand the challenges that can arise for a woman trying to prioritize her health, so I started my own practice in 2017 to have a way to treat you with the care, attention, and time that optimizes outcomes and gives you the understanding to continue to move forward into a vibrant and active life.  I also collaborate in the community as a Simple Wellness Coach and a co-founder of the non-profit Mind Body Baby.

I help women find and connect with their root and core, which is not only the pelvis and muscles that surround it, but the power of the body as a whole.  Understanding balance and function in the body leads to improved alignment, stability, and strength.  Open conversation gives hope.  Information gives power.  Moms who are juggling many things, including health, and just want to feel better, be stronger, and stay in the activities you love: I've got you!