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Thank you for taking time to re-connect with your body. You deserve it!


Body Awareness + Connection + One-on-One Support

"The ABCs of Postpartum Healing":
An Online Workshop

video: Meet Dr. Brenda
video: Quick Core Description
video: Alignment
video: Breathing
video: Core Connection
video: Common Postpartum Myths Debunked​
15 min live follow up call up with Dr. Brenda


This self-paced online workshop (via a YouTube video series) will teach you the basic elements of healing in the postpartum period and how to reconnect with your body in order to set the foundation in your core/pelvic floor to be able to get back into activity and exercise safely and effectively.  It doesn’t matter if you had your baby a few weeks ago or a few years ago, if you feel disconnected in your core and pelvis, this workshop will help you find that foundation and stability again so you can build on it.

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I just wanted to drop by with a big thank you. The exercises that you advised for me provided significant improvement almost immediately, and allowed me to comfortably hold my newborn + chase my toddler much sooner than would have been the case otherwise.


But I was overcome with gratitude the other day (and this is going to sound a bit silly), as I sneezed in public. My heart immediately sank in fear and embarrassment that I would have leaked through my pants a little. And then as I realized nothing at all had happened, I felt light as a feather. Dignified. And very much like my old myself. I hadn't realized just how much those gnarly little pregnancy/post-partum side effects had plagued my quality of life for years. I had simply resolved that they were par for the much so that it never even occurred to me that it could be reversed. But it was, because of your time, insight, encouragement, and wisdom.

Thank you for sharing all of that with me. It truly was a gift.


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