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Brenda Beckmann Gajowski, PT, DPT, is a doctor of physical therapy who takes an orthopedic approach to pelvic health, viewing the body with an integrative and holistic mindset. 


With a Masters in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College and Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University, Gajowski has over 20 years of experience in orthopedics, sports therapy, and perinatal health. She is also a mom of three, and she particularly loves working with moms, guiding their healing and return to activity in the postpartum period. 


Before opening her own practice, Dr Gajowski worked in spine rehabilitation, sports medicine, and general orthopedics. She moved into core and pelvic health in 2010 when she had her first baby and opened She Thrives Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2017.


Dr Gajowski is a member of the North Carolina and Pelvic Health chapters of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). She is also a founding member of the local non-profit Mind Body Baby NC.


In addition to seeing patients, Dr Gajowski provides workshops and resources to the community to help women gain more power over their health through a deeper understanding of their bodies. These include The ABCs of Postpartum Healing workshop and a library of educational videos on the Dr. Brenda PT YouTube channel. She is also a featured physical therapist on the online fitness platform E2M and is accessible on the She Thrives PT Instagram and Dr. Brenda PT Facebook pages.

I help women find and connect with their root and core, which is not only the pelvis and muscles that surround it, but the power of the body as a whole.

Understanding balance and function in the body leads to improved alignment, stability, and strength.

Open conversation gives hope. Information gives power.  

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Care, attention and time optimizes outcomes and gives you the understanding to continue to move forward into a vibrant and active life.  

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