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Brenda Gajowski offers physical therapy services in South Charlotte.

This is a unique strengthening and movement class for current or past clients that is designed to reinforce the alignment and core control strategies learned during our physical therapy sessions.  Let's build awareness, stability, strength, and function on that inner core foundation that you have worked so hard for!  Regular practice makes a habit!  You will have my eyes on you and we will be meticulous about breath and form.  It is held in a group setting, so come nourish your body, connect with some other women, and have some fun!  I prefer you have had at least one 1:1 session with me before taking this class because the education and understanding of how to find this deep core system is the key to building strength.  Please at least schedule a phone consult with me first so I can find out a little more about you and what is going on in your body!   

  • Thursdays 11:00-12:00; $10/class (60 minutes)

  • Held at Providence Plantation Swim and Racquet Club (in the clubhouse), 3100 Houston Branch Rd, Charlotte 

  • Reserve a spot by calling or texting Dr Brenda at 917-597-9192, emailing at, or booking online here: 

  • Bring a yoga mat and water bottle!

Note: Babies in car seats are welcome and often sleep with the music or enjoy watching all of the movement!   


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