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The Power of Re-Connection

Updated: Jan 16

Sometimes women only think about the inner core and pelvic floor when they are having pain or leaking. It is just not something we are taught to pay attention to, unfortunately. Then these women seek help from a core/pelvic specialist and the new knowledge about their engagement and movement patterns opens up all of these doors and interest. I call these “sneaky side effects”.

Since our inner core sits at the true center of our bodies and is closely integrated with our breathing patterns, restoring the natural flow and coordination of this pressure control system will better stabilize your spine/nervous system, can improve organ support and function, and can support the strength and alignment of the whole body.

What is the power that comes with re-connecting with, re-balancing, and re-patterning your inner core?

  • No more peeing your pants

  • Increased strength and power for movement

  • Improved access to the parasympathetic nervous system

  • A feeling of being more grounded and in control

  • Better digestion

  • Better posture

  • No more “poochy” belly

  • Better s3x (yep)

  • Supported organs that are lifted and loved

  • Easier birth and recovery

  • Supported pregnancy

  • Release of tension from hips/neck/shoulders/hips

This list could go on. If you know me, you know I absolutely love what I do and am a huge proponent of EVERYONE getting at least one evaluation from a core/pelvic specialist to learn this valuable information. I wish all women were shuttled into this aspect of the rehab system, especially after having a baby!

Please reach out and snag a FREE phone consultation if this speaks to you or if you have any questions or curiosities! Or grab a gift card for a friend who just had a baby!

Written and medically reviewed by Dr. Brenda, DPT


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