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Letting Go....

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

My first ever blog post. Yikes. This is way out of my comfort zone but I want to be able to spark conversations and thoughts, and learn and grow myself as I build this business.  But I've never been one for public writing. There's something so vulnerable to me about the written word….my written words…going out into oblivion and being able to be read by anyone.  I find that I sit down and judge myself on writing a chapter on a topic that would be fit for a textbook, worrying about if everything is included and stated properly. Analysis paralysis as my friend calls it. Except in the shower - I'm a blogger in the shower. I'm also a problem solver and eloquent speaker off-the-cuff.  What is it about running water that sparks creativity?  I'm sure my friends who study energy and flow will have something interesting to say about that :). In the meantime, do they make a waterproof keyboard? Because if I could just set up a workstation under running water, this would be cake :). 

So I’m letting go of perfectionism to get going on some things…again…which I have had to do in many aspects of building my business and sharing my passion for women’s health and wellness. After my son (3rd child) was born in 2015, I wound up with diastasis recti and a dysfunctional core that I misjudged as “easy” to heal because I “knew what to do” because of my sports medicine and women’s health background. I wound up ignoring it for a while because I was putting myself last on my priority list as I was juggling life and motherhood. It wasn’t until I went through that journey of recovery, which I am still on to be sure, that I realized all that goes into true health and wellness. That is when my career passion really intersected with my life, and now this work just is who I am. I realize I will always be evolving and learning more, but it was time to start helping others through my story and start my dream business, which happened a bit over a year ago. Am I exactly where I want to be in terms of my strength, activity level, and health? No not yet. But I am actively accepting where I am, working a little more everyday, giving myself grace with ups and downs, and finding balance. I am a busy and active mom and I work mostly with busy and active moms, so I understand the challenges that come with managing a family and sometimes not prioritizing ourselves. Whether you are a mother to kids, animals, ideas, a career, friends, family, or a combination of those, nurturing is in a woman’s nature. To me, May is a month to remind us of the importance of self-care, the beauty of our femininity, and the power of our nature. It holds Mother’s Day, but it is also my birthday month. This year I turn 40 so I am embracing a new decade, expecting to evolve, and kicking it off with getting more visible in my work!

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Go Brenda! What a perfect first post. ♥️

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