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What Type of Physical Therapist am I?

Updated: May 12, 2022

What is “pelvic PT”?, “postpartum rehab”?, “women’s health PT”?, and how does it tie in to “orthopedic” and “sports PT”? (sometimes I don’t even know what to call myself because there is no way to separate the body out like that!) What does it help with? Will it benefit me? Are any of my symptoms connected? These are questions that are asked. And here’s the thing: We all have a pelvis. We all have a core system that is quite literally our center and involved in almost every movement or activity we do. (see the video for a description of this system). So yes, this work helps specific things like pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, reconnecting to the core, recovering from birth, etc…..But the fact is, gaining a deeper understanding and connection to your body with increased awareness of movement, breathing patterns, balanced muscle recruitment, and opening up of restrictions has many “sneaky” benefits in our whole body and system as well, which often surprise clients. Benefits that they were not necessarily expecting. Some recent examples of comments I have received of benefits other than the reason a client sought me out: an avid runner with a chronically tight hip that is all of a sudden releasing, a woman with chronic constipation who is now regular, a woman who’s headaches have gone away, and a woman who is now able to sleep through the night. These “sneaky” benefits were not what the client specifically came into my clinic for, and always make me smile because they are definitely NOT sneaky when you know this work, but the realization of how everything is intertwined and connected and how dedication and awareness can carryover and change many aspects of your health is just so fascinating to me. If something feels “off” in your body, there are usually small shifts that can be made to make a big change.

So, I’m sticking with myself being “a physical therapist and health advocate who is passionate about movement longevity and guiding women into a deeper understanding of their bodies to feel in control of the direction of their health and be as vibrant as they can be.” Too long? :) My goal is to provide you with support, education, and guidance for concerns, pain, or health issues in the pregnancy and postpartum period, and throughout your journey of motherhood, with a strong focus on prevention and overall wellness.


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