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SIMPLE Ways to Boost your Immune System

Updated: Jan 16

Written and medically reviewed by Dr. Brenda, DPT

Fear of the coronavirus outbreak has been taking over lately. We’re flooded with reports, information, media opinions, and general panic and there is so much unknown….so somewhat understandably, it is putting people in a tizzy. But in the midst of this health “crisis” (I’m not yet convinced this is an actual crisis), educated decisions and common sense are so important to maintain against the chaos. Pausing to find something that you are able to control can feel grounding, and then you can face whatever this is head on. So what CAN we control? Of course, we want to stop the spread of disease and all the public health recommendations are appropriate for that. However, what about remembering to put in daily practices that can boost our own immune systems so they can better fight off anything that comes our way - things that can be PRACTICAL and SIMPLE? It’s all the things that our moms and our grandmas taught us that sometimes we just forget because we live in a world of hyper-drive, overload, and looking outward for information. So in all the other ways you're preparing, add some of these wellness ideas to empower your body!

immunie system tips

If your nerves are just frazzled with all the overwhelm and overload of negative info coming at you then it’s very hard to just stop and be aware of your own habits that may be affecting how well your body protects itself. So be mindful and pay attention! Take some control and boost yourself from the inside out.

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